Friday, December 15, 2006

Honda FCX

6786 Miles Per Gallon Car And Some More Awesome Vehicles By golbguru The FCX is based on hydrogen fuel cell technology and though it’s still a “concept”, Honda is expected to roll out a fully functional fleet by 2008 for US. It is rumored that the production version will not differ much from the concept ...


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Cars

Driving The Future In A Hydrogen Car TheDay - New London,CT,USA... Inside fuel-cell cars, hydrogen and oxygen are compressed, using an air compressor not unlike one you might use today to pump up tires or operate power tools. ...


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Futuristic Mazda Ryuga

Mazda Ryuga Concept Car By Niki At the North American auto show a world premiere of the concept Ryuga by Mazda will takes ... The Japanese concept with the futuristic doors proceeds with the ... The combination of the petrol and electro engines gives the car 155 hp. ...


Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Race Car Inspired BMW M3

German premier automotive maker BMW continues to maintain its hold as the top selling luxury auto brand in the world. Battling with archrival Mercedes-Benz year in and year out for the highest laurels, BMW continues to constantly tweak its existing line and add new vehicles to its line in a bid to stimulate and strengthen customer interest. One area where BMW has found much of its recent success is with its race car inspired line of vehicles, the M Series. Since 1979 various Motorsports [M} tags have been affixed to vehicles that have been developed by the BMW Motorsports division, including the BMW M3 a car based on BMW’s popular 3 Series. Today, BMW engineers are hard at work on developing an all new BMW M3 and, if all of the auto buzz is correct, very few cars will be able to keep up with this 400 hp road commander. Please keep reading for a closer look at the all new, soon to be released, BMW M3.

A pitched battle in autodom continues to gather force pitting German automaker against German automaker. Legendary Mercedes-Benz is taking on heralded BMW for the right to call themselves the top selling luxury brand in the world. For years, the honor belonged exclusively to Mercedes-Benz, but a recent stumble on Mercedes’ part coupled with a surge of new products from BMW has placed BMW in first place. Not far behind the two is Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, but for now the battle remains a fight between these two German automakers.

For luxury car enthusiasts, the BMW-Mercedes rivalry has been a win-win battle as both automakers have been pouring engineering funds into their vehicles. Neither automaker is resting on their past achievements; instead both are pressing forward to add the latest safety features including Mercedes’ Night Vision Assist and BMW’s impact absorbing bumpers which absorb stronger impacts without damaging the vehicle’s main body. Safety is one of the chief concerns for consumers when selecting a particular luxury brand according to all of the leading automotive industry surveys.

For BMW, its latest automotive project has been a closely guarded secret until very recently. Camouflaged spy shots of the all new BMW M3 have been circulating on the internet for some time now but only since June has a pre-production version of a fully unclothed BMW M3 been spotted. It was seen navigating the twisting roads of Southern California according to The Car Connection, the vehicle information and shopping site.

For BMW enthusiasts, news of a BMW M3 pre-production sighting means one thing: BMW will soon announce the date in 2007 when its latest M Series car will be available in dealer showrooms.

Right now, the current BMW M3 is still based on the fourth generation 3 Series which was replaced in 2006. The new BMW M3 will be based on the latest generation body frame and feature some notable improvements over the previous BMW M3 model including:
A larger, more potent V8 engine with an output of 400 horses. Currently, the BMW M3 features an inline six engine with a 333 horsepower output. The new model is expected to rocket from start to 60 in under 5 seconds, topping out at 155 mph.

A six or possibly seven speed manual transmission.

A longer wheelbase for better weight distribution.

Styling cues from the BMW M3 will find its way to the new model from front wing vents to twin exit exhausts along with the ubiquitous M series recognized emblems.

For Mercedes enthusiasts they can point to the soon to be released 2007 C Class, which is the direct competitor for the BMW 3 Series, as evidence that DaimlerChrysler will not let BMW out of its crosshairs anytime soon. A new AMG [motorsport] version of the C Class will follow, ratcheting up what is certain to a pitched battle to be enjoyed by compact luxury car devotees worldwide.

Additional competitors to the BMW M3 include the Cadillac CTS-V, the Audi RS4, and the Lexus IS. Prices have not been set for the new M3, but they can be expected to top out at around $60,000 fully equipped.

Copyright 2006 -- Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance automotive writer covering classic, current, and future models for All About Bimmers. You can find quality BMW M3 and BMW M5 SAV parts and accessories at the All About Bimmers shop.

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Hummer Green Car

Hummer goes Green with new concept - UK... The Hummer O2 concept features a phototropic body with algae-filled body panels that transform ... So there you have it – the first car to look like it’ll be ...


The Highly Refined and Capable BMW X5 SAV

Sport utility vehicle sales continue to plummet in the face of surging gasoline prices now topping the three dollar per gallon mark. Indeed, this segment of the vehicle market has produced some of the largest profits for automakers globally and this loss of sales is impacting manufacturer bottom lines the world over. Yet, demand hasn’t dried up altogether and a rebound is possible once gas prices stabilize. For BMW owners, a larger vehicle such as the BMW X5 SAV is almost a necessity no matter what gas prices may be. Yes, the BMW X5 SAV is big topping out at just over 5,000 lbs. Are you in the market for a luxury sport utility vehicle? If so, BMW’s largest model may just have something to offer to you.

For the record, BMW calls their SUVs an SAV: a sport activity vehicle. BMW’s marketing arm felt that customers should know that beyond it’s off road prowess, the BMW X5 SAV can tow as much as 6,000 pounds; carry bicycles with an optional bike rack; hold a canoe on top of its roof; and stow camping or other activity gear in its generous sized rear quarter.

Although new to the game when its first SAV was released during the late 1990s, the technology powering this vehicle is not. Uniting BMW car technology [the X5 is based on the BMW 5 Series] with renowned Range Rover SUV engineering, BMW has fully harnessed the relationship it has with its British off road division. This is important to note as BMW entered the SUV market fresh without having had the benefit of producing a capable sport utility vehicle previously.
The chief attribute of the BMW X5 is its size as the vehicle can carry five passengers comfortably and all of the stuff needed to transport them to their various activities.

Furthermore, since the X5 is based on the BMW 5 Series, the SAV shares many features with its passenger car stable mate including: four wheel independent suspension; front and rear wheel anti-roll bars; speed sensing steering; four wheel disc brakes with ABS; electronic stability with traction control and brake assist; and a host of passenger comfort items including Bluetooth wireless; low tire pressure warning; premium sound system; on-board computer; and power everything. A retractable cargo cover completes the BMW X5’s bountiful storage offerings.

Engine choices include a 3.0L I6, a 4.4L V8 or a potent 4.8L V8. Surprisingly, the EPA fuel mileage figures for the smallest and largest engines are the same: you can expect a combined 18 mpg when driving either model numbers that line up with the industry average. A diesel aspirated engine is available for the European market but no plans have been put in place to make that engine available in the US. The BMW X5 is built exclusively in South Carolina, but likely the diesel engine does not meet the stringent US government [EPA] pollution requirements.

BMW is fast at work preparing its second generation X5 a vehicle that should be longer and heavier than the current model. Automotive experts are suggesting that the new BMW X5 will add a third row of seats to accommodate two more passengers and to differentiate the model from its slightly smaller, but also five passenger capacity X3 stable mate.

Prices for the current BMW X5 start out at just over $42,000 and top out at more than $70,000 with all options included. Chief competitors for the BMW X5 include the Mercedes M Class, the Porsche Cayenne, and the Acura MDX.

Copyright 2006 -- Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance automotive writer covering classic, current, and future models including the luxury BMW X5. You can find quality BMW X5 Accessory products and BMW X5 Parts at the X5Pros shop.

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A Box Car From Honda?

Step Bus Concept from Honda By Edwin The Honda Step Bus Concept might look too boxy and boring more most of us, but before you pooh-pooh it, why not linger around and read more about its abilities and features? This unique concept car aims to represent the ultimate ...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Future Cars and Technologies

Cruising down the road American have come to love the automobile and what it stands for. But what will our future cars look like? Some advanced thinkers and concept car creators are envisioning bio-diesel-electric cars with large body capacitors built out of space age materials. You are saying WOW; tell me more. Okay they plan on using four wheel drive where each wheel has an electric motor, like the Diesel Audi Sports Cars that the Germans drive at 150 mph on the autobahn. They are thinking of strong bodies made of things like carbon nanotube construction. Even a Hurricane like Katrina, Rita or Wilma could not hurt them or you inside. The windshields would be made of composite construction using these same materials, which would be 50 times lighter than steel and stronger or harder than diamonds. Indeed this material now exists. Meaning in a decade or more you will be driving one.

We will be manufacturing future cars with all this and more, cars, which do self-diagnosis, self-driving and even fly when needed. And can you say 250 mph gallon fuel efficiency? But we are talking a different type of fuel. Yes you could go for that, but what is the price? Don’t worry they will be as or more affordable than our current gas-guzzlers. Engineers and concept future car designers know that light-weight is the key to re-designing the automobile for efficiency and economy, either way. Composites, Alloy mixes, carbon nanotubes and even Aluminum Oxynitride will be used in future cars. Haven’t heard of some of these new materials? Don’t worry you will soon. Would you like to learn more about future car topics?

Future Car Topics

Realize that in the future our cars will not look anything like the cars we are driving now, just like the cars we are driving now do not look anything like Henry Ford’s Model “T” or like the Orville or Wibur Brother’s first flying craft does not look anything like an F-16 of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. The future is our, are you coming with us? Will you be an early adopter of the latest technology or will you take a wait and see and watch approach? Think on this.

Lance Winslow, a retired entrepreneur, adventurer, modern day philosopher and perpetual tourist.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mustang's Ace of Spades

ITALIAN MUSTANG SMOOTHS THINGS OUT By The Car Nut We mention that car because the show car concept of that was the Giugiaro "Ace of Spades". Parts of themes from that fabulous concept are still appearing on new cars today! Could this Giugiaro design study for Ford see parts of it wind ...


The Green Car Revolution

Eclectic Car - Very Green The new Eclectic Car is a far out design concept that revolutionizes the word green! The continuous increase of gas prices, economic crises, wars, omnipresent pollution, irreversible changes in the climate,… ...


GM Saturn Vue Green Line

GM's Front-Wheel-Drive, 2-Mode Hybrid System Debuts in 2008 LOS ANGELES – General Motors Corp. will expand the industry’s most diverse portfolio of hybrid technologies in 2008 with the debut of its front-wheel-drive, 2-mode hybrid system in the Saturn Vue Green Line SUV, the automaker announced ...