Saturday, November 28, 2009


Mahindra Scorpio W Getway is really overwhelming, when it comes to performance. It houses CRDe engine technology, making this SUV really powerful and resilient enough to fulfill your adventurous zeal. Also, with 80 liter fuel tank capacity, you can always bank on this lifestyle SUV for a long and extensive drive.

The spunky spirit. Mahindra Scorpio W Getway is a lifestyle SUV par excellence, offered from the Scorpio stable. It is exclusively designed for the younger generations, who want to spruce up their lifestyle.

Key Features Mahindra Scorpio W Getway is really overwhelming, when it comes to performance. It houses CRDe engine technology, making this SUV really powerful and resilient enough to fulfill your adventurous zeal. Also, with 80 liter fuel tank capacity, you can always bank on this lifestyle SUV for a long and extensive drive. Other well designed features such as efficient brakes, 5-speed manual transmission, tilt adjustable power steering, and 5.6m turning radius, add further value to this SUV. Even the multi-function steering wheel is specially designed to make your journey more enthralling and exhaling. Even the crash protecting crumple zones are a good addition, when safety is concerned.

Design Mahindra Scorpio W Getway is a lifestyle SUV with an interior as well as exterior design that fully takes care of your convenience; after all what is lifestyle without the touch of convenience. You enjoy spacious interior which allows at least 5 passengers. Most importantly, its full fabric seat with fire resistant upholstery gives you not only comfort but also safety. Things get even better as with the inclusion of electrically adjustable outside mirrors and the driver door mounted controls.

Cons Mahindra SCORPIO W GETWAY has positioned itself as a lifestyle SUV; but interestingly it does not offer music system, which is a concern for a real music lover. Plus, double cab concept is new; something that has not caught on in India as yet.

Conclusion To conclude, Mahindra Scorpio W Getway looks fantastic, feels well engineered and drives well. It is perfect for young trekkers who like to work hard and enjoy harder.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peugeot Unveils Its Innovative New Concept The BB1 - Mobility For The Future

Last night saw the unveiling of Peugeot's innovative new concept, the BB1 at The Hospital Club in London.

With its BB1 concept, Peugeot has created a totally new solution to the current and future needs of urban mobility. The BB1 concept is the first ever full electric vehicle that can seat up to four adults in a space of just 2.5m.

This compact vehicle is a fusion between car and scooter, whilst offering passengers a safer, more comfortable and weatherproof environment. Other advantages of this ground-breaking concept are that it has zero emissions, is easy to park and has a range of 75 miles, making it a perfect choice for city centre transport.

Jon Goodman, Managing Director of Peugeot Motor Company comments; "Peugeot is constantly pooling its expertise and creativity to design particularly innovative and original projects. The BB1 is the brainchild of this successful collaboration."

The BB1 concept pushes back the boundaries, creating an inventive, fun, expressive and stylish vehicle. This electric vehicle is a logical addition to a vehicle line up that incorporates Peugeot bicycles, scooters, cars and light commercial vehicles. It aims to explore new ground with regards to urban mobility, with the environment close at heart."

The BB1 concept is both environmentally friendly and efficient, fitted with two electric motors mounted in the rear wheels maximizing the interior space and two lithium-ion battery packs supplying energy to the respective electric motors located under the right and left-hand rear seats. The BB1 emits no loud noise outside the vehicle and, above all, no pollutant emissions. The passenger compartment ventilation keeps operating in daylight thanks to the solar panels placed on the roof of the vehicle.

The Peugeot BB1 will be on show in Covent Garden, London from 10 am until 7 pm, on the 7th and 8th November, enabling the general public to have a close up look into the future of urban mobility.

For more information on the BB1 please log onto or for your chance to see the BB1 for yourself, go to London's Covent Garden on the 7th and 8th November.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fast Modernization of Sports Cars

Modernization of sports cars has been unstoppable. The concept of the sports car generated by Enzo Ferrari's in 1929 was the beginning of the sports car industry. He was the one that lead the way for other car manufacturers to follow the design of the Ferrari sports car.

The great designs of the Ferrari are well known for their car racing success and the Ferrari is the most extravagant and successful racing team in the history of Formula One racing. Ferrari has produced cars that have fascinated the world with their versions of the sports car and have promoted drivers like Michael Schumacher and Alberto Ascari in the world-wide sport of car racing.

The F430 is the flagship of Ferrari. This sports car is a muscular two-seat coupe, which was reengineered last year. It has became the most sought after car this year because of its great performance and affordable price of $161,000 which is considerably lower in price then most cars in its class.

The most current release of the Ferrari is the Superamerica hardtop convertible, which is priced $300,000. It became the hottest seller when it was displayed in all showrooms of the Ferrari in the United States. It has an awesome yet powerful V-12 engine and the design of the transmission came from the F-1 version. The standard package on all models of the Ferrari contains transmission paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

The roof of the Superamerica makes it an awesome display of engineering and imaginative design. The roof is made from electro chromic glass and carbon fiber. The driver can change the setting of the car from the elegant coupe to a more exotic open-air sports car.

Because of the fast modernization of Ferrari versions, the company has acquired ownership of the Maserati in 1997 - a long time competitor in the production of sports cars. Since then, it has boosted the sales of Maserati and modernized the production facilities of the company. It also started producing new models like the Quattroporte hardtop, which is priced at $95,000 and the Spyder GT convertible that is priced at $83,000.

Ferrari is considered the super performance car. It made its mark on the sports car industry because of the extraordinary designs and modified engineering of their sports cars. There are also other car manufacturers that are still making names for themselves in the sports car industry. The Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Viper are also awesome in their designs. The Porsche Carr era can be compared to the Ferrari with its power and is even more expensive at $440,000.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Future Hybrid Cars May Mean Survival for Big 3 Automakers

Automobile makers are now in a race to come out with the most efficient hybrid car that can be sold to the masses. In the center of these is the hunt for the most robust hybrid batteries. At present, hybrid cars are using lead acid and NiMH batteries but companies are looking at lithium ion batteries to be used for future hybrid cars.

Improvement in the technology will result in lighter, cheaper and more efficient batteries. That would make way for more cost efficient hybrid cars in the future. Today hybrid vehicles account for less than 5-percent of the cars on the road but hopefully in the future hybrids will be the standard for a cleaner Earth.

Ford and Toyota full hybrids will benefit from these technological breakthroughs in batteries along with GM and is long awaited Chevy Volt PHEV. There are speculations that Toyota will use lithium ion batteries in the next generation Prius but the details have not been worked out yet.

There are various trends with regards to the future of hybrid cars. One of which is diesel hybrid. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than their gasoline counterparts. Therefore, diesel hybrids will be more efficient than gasoline hybrids. Ford has the Reflex Diesel Hybrid. Small players are coming out with their own versions especially for the European marketplace.

Another type of hybrid in the works is the flex fuel hybrid. This type uses ethanol or other bio-fuels. These alternative fuels can be cheaper than fossil fuels and countries won't have to rely on imported oil.

Then there are the controversial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) making waves recently. There are people criticizing this hybrid type saying it's not a viable solution but scientific studies show that it is cleaner than gasoline-only and cheaper to maintain as well. In the future, the energy needed to charge the car can come from solar or wind power or other renewable sources.

Companies, such as Toyota and Ford are working on hybrids that run on hydrogen instead of gasoline. Most of the major car manufacturers are already testing hydrogen hybrids. If the tests turn out to have positive results then we can expect hydrogen refilling stations dotting the future landscape. California is very actively engaging this research right now.

Whether one is talking about mild hybrids, full hybrids, plug-in hybrids or hybrids in combination with flex fuel or hydrogen vehicles, the future is bright for high MPG cars. In fact, hybrids might just mean the survival of the Big 3 Detroit automakers.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stylish Concept Car Range Stormer

The new styling package draws its inspiration from the 2004 Range Stormer Concept car, underlining the raw appeal of the Range Rover Sport line-up. It is available as a limited edition, factory fitted option exclusively for the Range ...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Ford offers glimpse of electric future

As the race to see who will bring out the first and more importantly best electric vehicle heats up, it looks like Ford have embraced the technology quickest. Rumours of an announcement from auto giants General Motors have grown over previous weeks and months as Ford look to establish themselves as market leaders in getting electronic vehicles worldwide.

The advances made with Ford's hybrid technology will help the company reinforce the brand when they eventually release their first electric vehicle. The first vehicle is being made in Europe and is expected to be called the Ford Transit Connect. This automobile will feature a 29KWH battery and Ford are hoping to sell approximately 100,000 in the first year.

Plans for the future include several different electronic automobiles that will be specifically aimed for the consumer market. The plan is for a Focus typed car to be available for 2011. A Ford BEV (battery electric vehicle) was given a test drive at a recent Washington Auto Fair and was meant to "Accelerate in a brisk manner" as well as making "barely a flutter of noise". Encouraging news for Ford enthusiasts.

The design of the Ford BEV is between themselves and Magna International. Magna supply the electric parts including batteries and powertrain parts, on top of designing the vehicle design and engineering. The BEV contains an in car battery charger that takes only 6 hours to charge with 220 volts, once charged the BEV will travel up to 100 miles. Unfortunately it seems like the Americans will be getting hold of this first before the European or Asian markets.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Key Reason to Buy: C-Class Gains Top Marks in US Safety Test

The respected Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the United States has named the Mercedes-Benz C-Class one of its Top Safety Picks for 2009 - the best reason to buy in terms of safety. The C-Class achieved good ratings in all the safety criteria which were examined.

Each year, the experts at the IIHS rate new vehicle models based on stringent safety criteria, thereby providing an important tool to help buyers make a decision. In the latest assessments, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was subjected to front and side crash tests. The safety specialists in the US also evaluated protection against neck injuries in rear impacts. For all three criteria, the C-Class was awarded top marks.

This result is confirmation that the C-Class safety concept, optimised based on the analysis of real-life accidents, also performs extremely well in standardised rating crash tests. With seven airbags, belt tensioners, belt force limiters and NECK PRO crash-responsive head restraints fitted as standard, the Saloon offers its occupants an extremely high level of protection should an accident occur. The body structure has been designed to ensure that, in the event of a frontal collision, the impact forces are distributed over a wide area and on four independently acting impact levels, meaning that the passenger compartment remains largely undamaged. Around 70 percent of all the bodyshell panels are made from state-of-the-art, high-strength steel alloys that minimise weight and maximise safety.

Furthermore, the C-Class is the world's only car in this market segment to feature an anticipatory occupant protection system in the shape of PRE-SAFE as an option. This Mercedes-Benz innovation uses the time between detection of a potential accident situation and a possible collision to initiate preventive protective measures, thus reducing the loads exerted on the occupants in the event of a crash by up to 40 percent.

By rating the C-Class a Top Safety Pick 2009, the IIHS has confirmed the vehicle's extremely good performance in crash tests conforming to Euro NCAP (the European New Car Assessment Programme) in which the C-Class was awarded five stars, making it one of the safest cars on the market.

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