Monday, February 06, 2006

Volvo Concept Car 3CC
Source: Volvo Cars

Develop a car for the future. These six words provided the inspiration for the 3CC Concept Car. The car is the result of advanced research into sustainable mobility and Volvo engineers have placed particular focus on the conditions regulating safety in small cars and their ability to handle incoming forces in a frontal collision.
At just 3899 mm long, 1624 mm wide and 1321 mm high, the 3CC has the dimensions of a classic 2-seater sports car – but that’s where similarities end. This sporty vehicle has a unique two-plus-one seating configuration, which provides enhanced occupant communication, rear-passenger comfort and all-round visibility.
Powered by an 80 kW AC induction motor and with a potential driving range of 300 km (approx 180 miles) the 3CC has a top speed of over 135 km per hour. Furthermore, our Safety Ride Down Concept, where the seat slides forward at the moment of deformation, the intention being to compensate for the small car’s traditional lack of space in the crumple zone elevate the 3CC to the status of a small car with unique safety characteristics and advanced levels of occupant safety.

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