Monday, March 27, 2006

Audi Cars are Breaking Records in Car Innovation

25 years of Audi Quattro
AME Info - United Arab Emirates

"... The latest additions to the legendary quattro four-wheel drive range are the Audi Shooting Brake concept car and the Q7, which was launched at the Dubai Motor ..."


Yeah this Audi shooting break concept sure is shooting for the future of Audi's latest auto fleet. A crossbreed of the hatchback and coupé characteristics, gives the adrinalin rush you are looking for while enjoying the luxury of an SUV spacious interior.

From the creator of Audi Quttro, come another breaking technology in automotive design , the Audi Q7. Audi is committed to pursue its excellence in the automotive industry with it latest line of product. Q7 is fresh from the assembly, an ambition that becomes a dream come true.

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