Wednesday, March 14, 2007

XC70: Volvo For All Seasons

Volvo Car's new XC70 all-wheel drive estate offers significantly improved levels of an all-road-all-season ability and an appealing drive feel that is mated to outstanding safety features, superb versatility and sophisticated comfort to lure more fanatics to experience its lasting enigma. Enthusiasts say they have finally found the vehicle that could withstand different seasons. Now, everyone can enjoy the free-spitted driving any time of the year. This is the solid fact that the Volvo XC70 has retained its magnetic appeal. The current generation of the vehicle has reached around 40,000 sales in its best year. "We had a winning concept from the very outset and we have continuously refined it," said Fredrik Arp, the president and CEO of Volvo Car Corp. "The all-new XC70 maintains its tough, capable attitude while at the same time growing more comfortable. Additionally, our design team has given the vehicle a more elegant, more luxurious look."

Arp added, "This segment has been our specialty ever since we invented it back in the 1950s. Our competitors can count on us remaining number one in the future, too. In the all-new V70, rear passengers and luggage both ride in first class." Volvo is now aiming to introduce the Volvo XC70 in China to reach third place in the model's sales statistics. Arp noted, "There is a considerable appetite for cars with pronounced attitude on the fast-growing Chinese market. The Volvo XC90 is already very popular and we are convinced the all-new XC70 will play a significant role in our plans for continued fast sales growth in China."

"Our successful XC range will soon be expanded with the new XC60. With three exciting XC models, we will cover even more of the growing number of car buyers who want the very best of two worlds - capable muscles and luxurious, comfortable passenger-car comfort," added Arp. "And it all began with the XC70, which has now become even more attractive than before."
Volvo made the XC70 sportier, bolder and more functional because it was engineered to accommodate weather changes and season transitions. The pool of Volvo engineers significantly upgraded the levels of road capability and refinement to pave way for a more appealing vehicle that ensures unmatched levels of athleticism, versatility and safety which are characteristically Volvos.

The all-new Volvo XC70 is powered by a naturally aspirated 3.2-litre straight six-cylinder petrol engine and a 2.4-litre five-cylinder D5 turbo diesel engine. "With an active chassis, the car's driving properties improve in all situations," said Volvo Cars XC70 Project Director, Tomas Ahlborg. "It becomes both safer and more entertaining to drive." To boost the performance of the engines and the chassis, the estate is equipped with a Volvo fan clutch. Other remarkable features include the dynamic stability and traction control (DSTC), which improves stability; the power parking brake (PPB) that automatically disengages when the accelerator is pressed; and the digital signal processing (DSP) audio system.

The all-new Volvo XC70 is also equipped with dynamic styling emphasized by a catchy sporty design, a raked windscreen, tailgate angles, C30-inspired taillights and blacked-out side pillars mated to the usual off-road body kit. "The dark-coloured plastic panels at the bottom are less obvious than on the current model. But as with exclusive outdoor clothing, the protection is placed exactly where it needs to be to withstand the rough stuff," said Volvo Cars Design Director, Steve Mattin.

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