Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Volkswagen Up! Concept

Those German engeneers just can't stop themselves from making mire and more concepts! However, the new Volkswagen up! seems to be the real deal, not only a concept. Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen SEO recently revealed this rear-engine 3 door compact, which looks quite interesting and if brought to North America will certanly cause a great deal of competition to cars like Honda Fit, Suzuki Swift and many other small models. As per http://www.european-cars.info the car will be loaded with a turbo-charged 1.4L engine, currently installed in European Golf GT (Not available in the USA or/and Canada). As the gas prices rise daily - I would love to get my hands on one these 1.4L Volkswagens, especially for daily city driving! For more information and photos feel free to visit http://european-cars.info

About the Author
European car enthousiast and owner. Active user of Volkswagen/Audi gatherings, shows and festivals across North America.

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