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2007 Caparo T1

If you are looking for a sports car that pushes all the boundaries and provides innovation in design and amazing power, then the 2007 Caparo T1 is an excellent choice. This car is an exotic super car that started out merely as an idea; however, through hard work and the pursuit of a dream, this car has become a reality. For those who have the need for speed, this car is a dream come true, boasting the highest power to weight ratio that is legal to drive on the road. While the car only weighs in at a bit under 1400 pounds, it also has a lot of power to go along with that light weight. More than 550 horses are pumped out by the 3.5 liter V8 engine that this car sports. This engine provides incredible power, and the car is able to go from 0-60 in only 2.5 seconds, and in only 5 seconds this car is hitting 100 mph.

Since this car is so very light, you shouldn't expect to find a car with extras like a state of the art stereo system or nicely placed cup holders. The 2007 Caparo T1 is only a two seater and the car is made up of mostly carbon fiber to keep it so light. You will find adjustable roll bars, both in the front and the back of the car that are made of the carbon fiber. Also, the shell of the car is uniquely made so that it can help keep the car on the road, even while traveling at very high speeds. There are adjustable wings on the car in the front and the back, as well as fowler flaps and a diffuser to help keep the car from leaving the road.

On the inside of the car, there is no upholstery to be found, and the seating is arranged so one person sits behind the other, almost in a fighter jet style. There is also a special canopy that slides back and forth to let you in and out of the car, instead of having any heavy doors. Since you have the sliding canopy, you can drive the car with it open or closed, and either way it definitely provides an excellent ride. However, if you were looking for a car that boasted a leather interior with chrome trim, special lighting on the instruments and keyless entry, you are going to be sorely disappointed. The 2007 Caparo T1 has none of things, since they are not essential. This is a car built for speed and performance, and comfort and class are just not part of the package. You will find a 6 point harness in the car as well as a head protection system, and of course a variety of speed sensors and data logging equipment.

The 2007 Caparo T1 is a car that is designed by Caparo Vehicle Technologies and some of the names behind the car include Sean Butcher and Ben Scott-Geddes. This company has worked to bring you the best of a Formula 1 and Indy race cars and put it into a car that can be legally driven on the street. After taking some time to work out the kinks, now they offer a car that is reliable and that offers excellent performance. While many other sports cars that have this type of performance level are extremely highly priced, such as the Bugatti at $1.2 million, this car actually looks almost reasonable, starting out around $309,000.

Although more than likely most people are not going to purchase this car merely to drive around town, it is an excellent show of what technology can do with car design and power. Most people who consider this car will probably be taking it to the track for some fun; however, it can legally be taken for a spin on the street as well. Finally in 2007, these cars are now being produced and the company will actually deliver it to you if you order one. So, while it once started out as a concept car, it is now available for purchase, and in reality is a rather modestly priced when compared to other cars in its' class.

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