Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BMW Brings Two New Vehicles At NYIAS

The New York International Auto Show is already ongoing and since the minute that the doors opened to the public, the venue has been filled with auto journalists, experts, car fans, and just anybody who was interested in looking at what the auto world has to offer this time. Auto makers had also made sure that everything which they would be setting on display would be in top form so much so that they could earn the trust and the attention of consumers who are in the market looking for a vehicle to purchase.

BMW is one of the car makers who have constantly been joining the New York International Auto Show. This brand has been bringing with it some of its topnotch vehicles and has been setting on display the best and the coolest that they have ever created. Two of the vehicles that BMW has brought with it to the NYIAS are the 2008 M3 convertible and the Concept CS unit. Both vehicles are described to be elegant by the auto maker. BMW also said that the two vehicles also come with the best type of driving performance one would ever experience in a vehicle.

Tom Purves is the chairperson and the CEO for the North American arm of BMW and on the BMW M3 he mentioned, It's a balance between something that's really, really sporty, but also something you can take your kids to school in. While on all BMW products that the company has created, he described, I hope you'll agree that you can expect a lot from BMW, except a boring product. Now that is something that most people can agree with for even BMW wheels do have their own distinct character.

The BMW M3 convertible would be available in the United States auto market sometime this spring and it would be entering the market with a coupe version and a sedan version beside it. For the convertible, one can expect to see a V8 engine that can produce 414 horsepower. This engine is mated to a seven speed double clutch transmission system. As a whole, a unit of the BMW M3 convertible can be bought for $65,725.

As per the BMW Concept CS, this vehicle comes with four doors and is described to be one vehicle that comes with utmost luxury. Experts who have witnessed the concept vehicle have mentioned that this vehicle has the power and the performance that the Gran Turismo has.

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